To develop StudyBetter™ (Live-wire Learning in New Zealand), we brought together a team of highly skilled programmers, educationalists, publishers, text book writers and teachers from around Australasia:

Project Leader
Neil Riley - general editor, former Head of English

Design and Development Team

David Heap - publisher
Steve Carr - lead programmer
Jason Leong - web developer
Chris Auld - programmer
Chris Reilly - web developer
Daniel Britten - programmer

Writing and Editorial Team
Jenny Thomas - editor, writer, teacher
Shane Robinson - editor, writer, teacher
Deb Balmer - editor, ESOL consultant, teacher
Helen Thompson - writer, teacher
Cilla McQueen - writer, teacher

Trevor Castle - editor, Physics writer, teacher
David Relph - Geology writer, teacher
Joanne Macown - Biology writer, teacher
Frances Rule - editor, Chemistry writer, teacher
Bob Evans - Astronomy and Physics writer, teacher
Bill Claridge - Chemistry editor, teacher
Annie Keown - Biology editor, writer
Alan Munro - consultant, teacher

Doug Cooper - editor, writer, teacher
Ann Robinson - editor, teacher
Bill Shearing - editor, teacher
Phil Scowen - writer, teacher
Margaret Paulin - writer, teacher
Jenny Campbell - editor
Deb Howie - teacher, writer
Grant Meyer - teacher, editor